Human Resources

You are in a place where your dreams come true on your career path. We are talking about a career that offers career development opportunities for every employee included in our team, has a qualitative and educational school in every field, and will make you feel like a leader in your job. While you have the opportunity to work one-on-one with our managers in an environment where your ideas and studies are supported and appreciated, you will benefit from the experience and experience of a global company.

What else will you gain in this meeting?

  • With its unique cultural structure, you will feel like a family environment and direct your career.
  • You will have the opportunity to stop thinking about your future anxiety and develop yourself with new ideas by working with managers who embrace you with a professional management approach.
  • You will add value to both the brand and yourself within the framework of the Kazan – Kazan concept.
  • With the learning organization structure, you will always add new things to yourself in the race of life and you will always be one step ahead of your competitors.


As Human Resources Management, it is our primary goal to include the vision of producing values ​​that can carry herself and her company forward and to include the candidates who are working for her target. Apart from using their qualifications and competencies effectively, our candidates who want to be ASF are expected to adapt to their work within the framework of our corporate values.

Depending on the position;

  • Competency-based evaluations,
  • Numerical and verbal tests,
  • Personality inventory applications,
  • General aptitude tests,

These are some of the steps we have done before the interviews.


  • We prepare the orientation processes in accordance with their duties in order to ensure that our new employee who joins the ASF family completes the compliance process in the most efficient way, and we also implement it with the support of colleagues and teammates.
  • In line with the duty and personal development of our new colleague, we are working to add value to himself, his institution and his country by creating personal awareness with our trainings implemented in parallel with his career goal.


We adopt a fair and consistent wage policy, taking into account the education level, professional experience, performance, and sense of responsibility of our employee.