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MISSION; Providing the best service without sacrificing service and quality with a higher performance than ever, to produce timely appropriate solutions for the needs of the target audience in the sector and to be the leading institution that directs the sector.

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ALG METAL; It operates in the manufacturing and marketing industry of casting machinery and equipment.

Our company essay writers, which has been manufacturing the machines of the casting industry since 2000, continues its production with the understanding of high quality and customer satisfaction.

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Our company has been a guarantee of providing experience, validity and reliability to its customers since its foundation.

Our company, which has the necessary materials, knowledge, team and equipment to fulfill its commitments in a timely and complete manner, always aims to do the best and to continuously increase customer satisfaction.

In our production and marketing ring;

Natural gas and electric aluminum melting furnaces, aluminum melting furnaces, aluminum resting furnaces, tempering furnaces, holding furnaces, aluminum injection casting robots, Part Pickup Robot, Automatic Casting Robot, Part Pickup Robot, Mold Lubrication Robot, Mold Spraying Robot, Casting Crucibles, Coil casting presses and other auxiliary equipment.

The main goal of our company is to offer complete solutions as a single contractor. Our company produces complete solutions easily regardless of its plan, project, commitment and category.

VISION; As a company that looks confidently in the future, it represents quality and trust in its field of activity, investing in increasing employment without sacrificing social benefit, constantly improving, self-renewing, competitive, sustainable growth potential, honest and moral values, adopting an open management approach. leading institution.


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