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Alg Metal – Casting Machinery And Equipment

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About Us

ALG METAL; It operates in the manufacturing and marketing industry of casting machinery and equipment.

In our production and marketing ring; Natural gas and electric aluminum melting furnaces, aluminum melting furnaces, aluminum resting furnaces, tempering furnaces, holding furnaces, aluminum injection casting robots, Part Picking Robot, Automatic Casting Robot, Part Picking Robot, Mold Lubrication Robot, Mold Spraying It includes robot, casting crucibles, gravity casting presses and other auxiliary equipment.

Your Engineering Partner

Alg Metal is with you with its experienced and knowledgeable staff in all kinds of automation and casting projects.

Shuttle service

Our company, with its professional staff, provides expert service related to automation systems, special design machines, machine electronics, factory automation and industrial robots.

Training and Consultancy

Our company provides consultancy services for automation systems, specially designed machines, machine electronics, factory automation and industrial robots with its professional staff.

Our products

Our company, which has been manufacturing the machines of the casting sector since 2000, continues its production with the understanding of the product quality and customer satisfaction.

Aluminum Melting Furnaces

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Aluminum Auxiliary Equipment

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Aluminum Homogeneous Furnace

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Human & Resources

You are in a place where your dreams come true on your career path. We are talking about a career that offers career development opportunities for every employee included in our team, has a qualitative and educational school in every field, and will make you feel like a leader in your job.

  • Kendine özgü kültürel yapısıyla kendinizi bir aile ortamında gibi hissedecek ve kariyerinize yön vereceksiniz.
  • Profesyonel yönetim anlayışı içerisinde sizi sahiplenen yöneticiler ile çalışarak gelecek kaygısını düşünmeyi bırakıp yeni fikirler ile kendinizi geliştirme fırsatı bulacaksınız.
  • Kazan – Kazan anlayışı çerçevesinde hem markaya hem de kendinize değer katacaksınız.
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Alg Metal Makina

Production 80%
International 70%
Customer happiness 90%
Support & Consulting 100%


The main goal of our company is to offer complete solutions as a single contractor. Our company produces complete solutions easily regardless of its plan, project, commitment and category.


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